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All The Things I Never Said

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I'm down to earth. Open minded, creative, easy to talk to, trust worthy. I keep alot of things bottled, maybe i'll find a way to release all of that on live journal. With social network sites it's all about popularity add a whole bunch of strangers that you most likely will never even say hi to. If that's you please by pass me. I love meeting and talking to new people. I like people who can actually hold a conversation. I do not like people with no common sense.. I know more about elephants than the average person(i LOVE them). I love movies, and whoever created netflix loves me. I watch comedy,action, drama, i love documentaries and foreign movies.(one of the few people who don't mind subtitles)
I am a brutally honest person(really brutal) with a dark & lovely sense of humor. To know me is to love me.

I'm a bit of a contradiction. I'm very blunt but keep my feelings/emotions to myself. Alot of things don't bother me and i'm not easily offended but i am easily aggravated by people who should know be better than most people

I love women and occasionally enjoy men, if that bothers you don't add me. I love to write about sex so if that offends you don't bother.....

don't just add me say something!

thanks, bye